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About Us

About Temsalet

Working on media namely called ‘TEMSALET’ aims to disseminate creative, innovative and transversal educational experiences and idea.

Our commercial strategy is particularly aggressive:
we have already in our portfolio important international brands and will continue the collaboration with leading groups, both for the representation of the ones already famous in other countries and launch new brands abroad. A challenging time full of opportunities awaits us! We will approach it with our Motto “  Loyal   to the community   (the strongest brands are those that have successfully Built   a loyal brand community) “

We offer a unique insight into African affairs, from an African perspective. We aim to shape the African agenda by leading and influencing the conversation on African issues. We want to actively contribute to the socio-economic development of the continent through vigorous debates, insights and analysis and by connecting the dots, be it people or ideas, so that Africa has its rightful place on the world stage, challenging the status quo.

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